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1) WGSA Travel – What it is

Walpole Girls Softball Association Travel program is a competitive summer softball program. Teams are registered and classified through American Softball Association (“ASA”) as “Class C” teams – the primary requirement of which is 100% of the girls reside in the Town of Walpole. Teams will be formed in the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U age brackets provided there are enough qualified players and coaches.

2) WGSA Travel - Mission

Walpole Girls Softball Association is designed to give Walpole girls under the age of 18 an opportunity to play fastpitch softball at a level higher than the in-town Spring league. This is accomplished by competing in local travel league games against surrounding towns and softball tournaments. Dedicated practice time focuses on developing fundamental softball skills, instilling knowledge of advanced rules, understanding softball situations, and playing smart. WGSA teams all operate in an environment that fosters teamwork and demonstrates good sportsmanship.

3) Player/Parent Expectations

A) Commitment

Each player is expected to be fully committed to training, developing an understanding of the game, and supporting teammates for the good of the team. With the understanding that over a 7 month period, conflicts will arise, Players are expected to be dedicated to their teams and make each practice and game a priority. Commitment is the most important component of earning the right to play.  Time away during the June and July months is discouraged, as games will take place during this time.  

 B) Summer Season

(Below details subject to change)

Historically, WGSA teams have participated in the Hockomock league. League play is approximately 10 weeknight games followed by league playoffs over a 6 week period (Mid June to end of July). WGSA teams have practiced on average once per week, typically on Sunday.

C) Tournaments

WGSA teams typically play between 2-4 local travel, weekend tournaments during the Summer Season. This may vary by age group and team..  

 D) Fall Season

WGSA Fall season is an optional extension of the previous summer’s team. This is usually a 10 game/5 week program playing double headers on Sunday in Stoughton, MA. . Depending on the quantity of girls participating, summer teams may stay intact or may be newly formed.


E) Playing Time/Positions/Batting Line-Up

As a competitive team, WGSA players are expected to earn the right to play through practice and development. WGSA teams strive for a balance between equal playing time and designated positions. This will vary based on the following factors at the coach’s discretion:

• Player’s commitment to practicing and developing in a particular position

• Age group

• Level of competition

• Summer season – league games and playoff games

• Tournaments – pool play games and single elimination games

F) Pre-Season Training

The pre-season training sessions are an integral component of WGSA program. These are essential to building the skills necessary to adequately compete in the league and tournaments. Each player is expected to attend winter training sessions as part of their commitment to the team. WGSA teams practice indoors throughout January-March. The amount and content of the pre-season training may vary by each age group and team. Teams have generally practiced 2-4 times per month and have included batting instruction with professional instructors, open indoor field space, batting cages, etc.

4) Roster/Selection Process

A) Tryouts/Evaluation Session

On an annual basis, historically in January, an evaluation session is held to assess each girl’s skills in hitting, fielding, throwing, running, etc.

B) Age Levels Description – applicable dates for 2017 season

10U – Girls must be age 10 or less on 12/31/17

12U – Girls must be age 12 or less on 12/31/17

14U – Girls must be age 14 or less on 12/31/17

16U – Girls must be age 16 or less on 12/31/17 

18U – Girls must be age 18 or less on 12/31/17


C) Selection/Cutting

Teams shall be determined following the tryouts session. Teams are formed by selecting girls that best complement each other in skill and commitment. Team formation utilizes a combination of inputs which include the evaluation session and prior season’s input (if any). The quantity of registered girls for tryouts will be one factor in determining how many competitive teams the WGSA program can accommodate and support. Every effort will be made to place girls on appropriate teams. However, roster spots are not guaranteed.  Every effort will be made to not cut players at 14U and below.  At the older age groups, cuts may be necessary and should be expected, depending on the number of participants.

5) Coaches

Each year, coaches will be selected and approved by the WGSA Board of Directors. Factors in the decision process include ability to provide age appropriate training, past experience, past coaches’ evaluations, and commitment. Coaches’ evaluations are conducted annually.

6) Code of Conduct

WGSA players, parents, and coaches are all under a strict zero tolerance policy regarding the Code of Conduct as adopted by Walpole Girls Softball Association. Any coach, player, or spectator ejected from a game will face disciplinary action and each incident is subject to review by the WGSA Board of Directors.

7) Cost Structure

Cost per player will include winter training, summer league play, and tournaments. Costs will vary by age bracket and team based on quantity of winter training, type of winter training and quantity of tournaments. Past teams have averaged between $200 and $300 per player. These costs may be supplemented depending on the extent of fundraising. In addition, WGSA uniforms are required for all players. The cost for new or replacement uniforms may be up to $100. and additional optional equipment (i.e. bat bags and helmets) may cost up to $100.