Walpole Girls Softball Association

Code of Conduct

for all coaches, players, spectators, and volunteers

WGSA is a zero-tolerance league with regard to violations of the Code of Conduct.

- All Board members and coaches are volunteers and must be treated with respect.  All volunteer coaches must also treat all other WGSA participants with respect. 

- Coaches, players and spectators must show proper respect to all umpires at Rec games, travel league games, and tournaments.

All participants and spectators must keep the WGSA environment free of:

-Inappropriate language
-Alcohol or drugs

- Bullying or harassing language or actions.

Decisions regarding any violators will be handled at the sole discretion of the WGSA Board of Directors. Any offense could lead to the violator being removed from WGSA events (including tournaments and travel league games) and may include the removal of the player from the league.
As a reminder, all of our fields are town fields and thus many issues are under their control and may be out of our control.